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Laboratory of Biochemistry and Functional Proteomics

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Proteomics Services

We offer a complete platform for gel-based proteomics, from study design to network analysis. Two-dimensional electrophoresis represents indeed the most powerful tool to identify quantitative changes in single protein isoforms or post-translational modifications (Alberio et al., 2012). Following our robust procedure for statistical analysis of 2-DE images (Alberio et al., 2012; Fasano and Alberio, 2013; Alberio et al., 2013), we provide our customers with a high confidence level in spot identification. Additionally, we offer our experience in protein networks enrichment. A complete list of recent papers is available in the Publications page.


Our services include:


Technical assistance and study design (free of charge!)

Sample preparation for 2-DE

2-DE separation (on 7x8, 13x13 and 18x18 cm gels)

High-sensitivity fluorescent staining

Digital image capture, with 3,6 orders of magnitude dynamic range

Image analysis and statistics

Spot picking and in-gel digestion

Two-dimensional Western blotting

LC-MS/MS protein identification

Network analysis and enrichment


For a free offer please contact mauro.fasano .at. uninsubria.it